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Conferences & Business Meetings

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Conferences and Programs

Over 2 days, the program of the first edition of JEC Forum DACH offered the opportunity to exchange and learn about the current and future developments of Composites in the DACH region.

Conferences, keynotes and market overview

This year at JEC Forum DACH you will benefit from a top notch conference program with exclusive keynotes crafted by the AVK.

The composites industry is providing important impetus, e.g. in its process technologies for hybrid structures or integrated manufacturing and also for modern mobility or for new materials in the booming construction sector. We are seeing an increasing number of marketable ideas for recycling and sustainability solutions. These central issues will be featured in our Forum lecture program. Furthermore, we will report on current market developments in the European composites market.

Conferences Schedule

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JEC-AVK Awards

This year at JEC Forum DACH, JEC Group and AVK will co-organize the Innovation Awards Program.

One goal of the JEC-AVK Innovation Awards is to promote new products/components and applications made from fibre-reinforced plastics (FRP) and to promote new processes and methods for the manufacturing of FRP products. An award will be given to universities, colleges and institutes for outstanding work in science and research. In all the categories, a special emphasis will be placed on the sustainability.
Another goal of the JEC-AVK Innovation Award is to give prominence to the innovations and also to the companies/institutions that are behind them, thus publicising their performance throughout the industry.
JEC-AVK awards innovations in fibre-reinforced plastics (FRP) / composites in the following categories:
  • Innovative products/components or applications
  • Innovative procedures/processes
  • Research and science
Gerhard LETTL

Gerhard LETTL

General Manager,
C.F. Maier Europlast GmbH & Co. KG


Director R&D Engineering,
Hexagon Composites


Head of certification bodies according to LBO and ISO / IEC 17065, Senior Principal Engineer, Business Development Manager,
IMA Materialforschung u. Anwendungstechnik GmbH
David VINK

David VINK

Freelance Journalist, reporting for the press media Plastics News and Industrieanzeiger,
Plastics News Europe


Head of Plastics, Expert Bureau,
Werkstoff & Struktur
Prof. Lorenz Reinhard

Prof. Lorenz Reinhard

Head of the plastics technology laboratory,
FH Münster
The JEC Composites Startup Booster is the leading startup competition in the world of Composites and Advanced Materials. It enables companies to find and assess innovations with a potential impact on their industry.Launched in 2017, JEC Composites Startup Booster has already fostered the emergence of 500+ innovative projects from 50+ countries, 60 finalists and 20 winners.

Selection Process

5 startups, based in Europe, will be selected to pitch in front of a jury of experts and leading industry players at JEC Forum DACH.

5 finalists' startups

The 5 finalists will benefit from:
  • Access to the content of the event (Conferences, Workshops, Networking events)
  • Preparation & coaching for the pitch
  • Pitch presentation in front of the jury and JEC Forum Dach audience
  • Privilege access to the jury for networking

  • 1 winning startup

    A winning startup will be selected by the jury at the end of the pitch presentation and will benefit from:
    • Announcement & celebration during JEC Composites Startup Booster and Innovation Awards Ceremony, at networking reception organised on the first day
    • Qualification for the final of JEC Composites Startup Booster at JEC World 2022 in Paris (8-10 March, 2022) among the 20 finalists.
    • Free space within JEC Composites Startup Booster Village at JEC World 2022
    • Winner

      Making high performance materials affordable

      FibreCoat has developed a process for direct coating of inorganic fiber materials. It enables low-cost bi-component materials to be used in lightweight construction, in the field of electromagnetic shielding and industrial filtration.


      Robotised polymer processing for versatile lightweight components

      With lightweight engineering, we at ANYBRID have succeeded in transforming a rigidly standing plastic injection-moulding machine into a mobile machine that can move freely in space. With this unrivalled technology of Robotised Injection Moulding (ROBIN), we combine polymers with various materials and thus serve the growing market for lightweight hybrid components.

      Looping valuable materials and making carbon fiber green

      Carbon Cleanup has been found in 2020 to solve the problems related to carbon fiber recycling and to stop landfilling of these materials. Carbon Cleanup develops technology to bring back valuable materials to the cycle and to reduce CO2 emissions thereby. Waste fiber materials are collected in a dedicated Collection Pod and classified with vision AI. Then treated in a mobile and patented Cleanup Unit to produce new products from there.

      CARBON-DRIVE (Germany)

      Carbon-Drive: LIGHT, FAST, PRECISE

      Our vision is to shape the next generation of high-performance electric drives and powertrains that meet the increasing demand for dynamic but durable and energy-saving electric drives.

      An innovative technology making materials speak

      Touch Sensity develops the Sensity Tech, an innovative technology that makes materials sensitive to physical interactions. This non-invasive technology allows to recover in real time all the data from pressure, extension and deformation on a material, while respecting the topology and without using any sensors.



      Arne BOETTCHER

      Arne BOETTCHER

      Head of Growth Ventures & Marketing, TUR / Polyurethane Specialties,
      Daniel STUMPP

      Daniel STUMPP

      Head of Global Marketing SAERTEX and SAERTEX multiCom,
      Christian WOLFSBERGER

      Christian WOLFSBERGER

      Business Development Manager for Composites & Fluidinjection, ENGEL
      Klaus DRECHSLER

      Klaus DRECHSLER

      Professor & Director
      TUM – Institute for Carbon Composites
      Johannes GOETZELMANN

      Johannes GOETZELMANN

      Director – Product and Process Development, Europe,
      Magna Exteriors

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